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Leveled Guided Reading

CGIA offers a unique and highly beneficial instructional approach for reading which spans from UKG to Grade 6. It is called ‘Leveled Guided Reading’. This is an immensely popular teaching approach in the West that implements small group reading instruction based on the child’s current reading and comprehension ability. The work done in guided reading groups supports students as they develop strategies to become better readers.
Teachers determine student reading levels using Fountas and Pinnell’s Reading Levels A-Z and group students by their instructional reading level. We facilitate our reading program using the acclaimed ‘Reading A to Z’ program that utilizes developmentally appropriate leveled books at 29 different reading levels to support instruction in Phonics, Phonological Awareness, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Fluency, and much more.
The benefits of teaching students in focused, small, homogenous groups is that their unique learning needs are met successfully. Students have the opportunity to speak and be heard because it’s a small group. Students grow in the important area of comprehension as well as fluency. Furthermore, teachers get to know their students as readers and our guided reading groups can give our students an enjoyable reading experience while helping them advance through the levels until mastery.