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CGIA | One of the best international schools in Calicut

Welcome to Common Grounds International Academy, a top school in Kozhikode where students thrive.

Our journey these last few years have brought us so much joy; the students we serve are a living testimony to what happens in a life when confidence and conviction are instilled through the investment of genuine encouragement, love and guidance. We hope that you will be as moved as we are as you navigate through and see what is being achieved in children here. Come and explore with us!

About Common Grounds International Academy

Common Grounds International Academy (CGIA) is widely considered to be one of the best schools in Kozhikode. Our teachers provide child centered education through one-on-one interactions in classes made up of 10-12 students. We emphasize transferable skills which means that our curriculum, lesson plans and examples relate to everyday life so that students understand why they are learning subject matter and how to apply their knowledge. In an environment that shapes high character, the kids grow to love learning at Common Grounds. We make instruction in Kerala fun, hands on and interactive.


Contact Common Grounds International Academy

Common Grounds International Academy

No: 33/2927, Paropadi, Chevarambalam Road Marikunnu P.O,
Kozhikode. Kerala – 673012